Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Finger Patrol

In the previous episode of DC Universe’s Doom Patrol , Flex helped Rita realize that her issues stem from her mother, and Dorothy resented being a child despite her age. In Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 5, Larry and Rita helped Paul sort through Gary’s things, and Dorothy and Baby Doll played together.

Niles introduced Baby Doll to Dorothy. They became fast friends and played together. Dorothy introduced Baby Doll to her beast imaginary friend, Manny. Though she instructed Baby Doll to be polite, Baby Doll squeezed his snout and angered Dorothy. Dorothy ignored Baby Doll, and when she appeared to want to play together again, Baby Doll told her that Niles was a bad man.

Baby Doll used her powers to kill Manny. In retaliation, Dorothy made a wish to the Candlemaker. In the Underground, the Candlemaker killed Baby Doll.

Cliff found Niles’s plans for upgrades for him. He wanted to give Cliff back his sense of touch. Cliff consulted with Vic, hoping that his father could help Niles, who was dying. Eli declined to help him.

Afterwards, Vic took Cliff with him to Roni’s neighborhood in Detroit. He was going to make up for standing her up and got advice from Cliff. Vic and Roni reconnected, and she revealed that the military had given her enhancements that were taken away when she abused them.

Meanwhile, Cliff imagined that he and Vic would form a crime fighting team. Reality set in when a carjacker approached. Cliff couldn’t control his arm from smashing the car door into the carjacker’s hand and slicing his finger off. Cliff put it in his pocket.

Rita approached the writer and director of a community theater group. She was working in the garden department of a hardware store. Rita was late for auditions, so she was put on the spot to audition right then. Unfortunately, she blew it. However, she ended up getting the job after the production lost several actors.

Larry brought Rita with him to Gary’s place. Paul had invited him to go through Gary’s things before selling the property. Paul had brought his son and grandson and introduced them to Larry. Rita encouraged Larry to use the time to clear the air with Paul. Larry learned that Gary, who was a conspiracy theorist, was influenced by his mother. She had been with a man who had insisted that the military had lied about Larry being dead. Larry told Paul that he was gay. Unfortunately, Paul had called the Bureau of Normalcy to turn Larry in. They arrived and opened fire, and Larry released the Negative Spirit to fight them off. Rita protected Larry’s great-grandson, but a bullet struck the boy’s father.

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