Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein Art! Bottleneck Gallery Unveils

Acclaimed art distributor Bottleneck Gallery has revealed it’s partnering with the folks over at Vice Press to dive back into the iconic world of Universal Monsters for two new entries in their collection, Chris Weston’s The Phantom of the Opera and Paul Mann’s Frankenstein ! Both pieces can be viewed below!

1925’s The Phantom of the Opera , upon its initial release, adapted a haunting and tragic figure’s story to the big screen in an unbelievable fashion, in large part to actor Lon Chaney’s dedication and artistic genius in the role of The Phantom. Chris’ print thrusts The Phantom to center-stage and shines a spotlight on the incredible costume and makeup work from the film.

Paul’s piece for Frankenstein features a classic movie poster composition, mixing stunning imagery of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster and bold movie credits. Paul’s portrayal of the monster offers both the horror and innate sadness presented by Dr. Frankenstein’s monster in the film, and we’re ecstatic about this representation of the movie!

Both prints run for $50 each, with Phantom featuring a variant work that runs for $65 and Frankenstein for $60, and are available for purchase from both the official Bottleneck Gallery and Vice Press sites now!