What is a list of 20 thesis topics in finance?

Each and every PhD is required to be novel and to be a contribution to the field of that PhD. Therefore, a list of thesis topics defeats the requirement of a PhD.

A PhD is an apprenticeship on how to do research, how to think, how to write, how to teach yourself, and how to learn. Plus lots of other stuff too.

What usually happens is that the student who wants to do a PhD approaches the department, finance in your case, and tells them that you want to do a PhD. If you qualify for their program and meet their requirements and prerequisites, you enter their program. You will find out which faculty has funding for research to pay for the tuition and stipend / living expenses and to pay for information, data, computer time, and other required support.

What is actually useful to you as a learning tool is to look at what is happening in the world of finance, and for you to look and identify issues that you perceive or that the literature perceives as problems. You then hypothesis what are the controlling mechanisms of these issues and ways of testing your hypothesis. Look in the finance and economics and related literature to see what others have said of these issues. If your hypothesis is novel or the issue(s) hasn’t been addressed before, you have a possible PhD thesis topic.

Write everything up and discuss this with the head of the Finance Department. The head may arrange for you to be a Teaching Assistant and to receive tuition and a stipend while you teach and do your very own thesis research. Or the head may find other faculty with money or to apply for research funding to pay for your tuition, stipend, and support so that you can do your thesis research….

The worse that can happen is that the head would correct your work, your thesis proposal, and you will have started on the path on learning how to think and do research….

Personal finance and new technologies.
Factors that affect financial institutions.
International finance management.
Estate planning in personal finance.
Campaign finance.
Public finance.
Corporate finance directors.
Behavioral finances.
Project finance and renewable energy sources.
Banking and finance in Islamic world.
London as a finance center.
The process of cash management in international banks
Attitude of investors towards hostile countries on various investment projects
Society’s attitude towards debit and credit cards
An in-depth analysis of Visa and MasterCard financial statements
Online banking in developed and developing countries: A comparative study
The impact of money supply on economic growth in Japan and Korea
Determinants of inter-banking success in Malaysia
Trade impact on land-locked countries: The case of Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia
The role of mergers and acquisitions in the banking sector